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To establish reliable, trustworthy, and enduring partnership, accountable for all commodities bought and sold – no exceptions.


We are a diversified physical commodity trading and sourcing company that supports the circular economy. We help companies in the biofuels and oleochemical industries source and offset waste stream byproducts. Purpose Commodities is ISCC EU and ISCC Plus certified.

Our team will work side by side with your organization to secure waste-based feedstocks created through the retail, hospitality, and manufacturing industries encouraging the utilization of these products once at the end of their useful life.


Purpose Commodities offer both turnkey and customized solutions to companies looking to procure repurposed, virgin, overstock and off spec products globally. We are specialists at sourcing difficult to find products

When it comes to the renewable energy industries, more and more countries are relying on proof of sustainability along their supply chains. Navigating the changing requirements of sustainable certifications such as the EU’s ISCC, REDCert, California’s LCFS, Canada’s CFS,  SE Asia’s RSPO can be a daunting task. Purpose Commodities can assist companies in attaining certifications; ensuring all trade documents are compliant to international requirements.

Purpose Commodities provides consultancy services to companies looking for innovative and cost competitive solutions for their physical commodities requirements. Our team is open to initiate and establish appealing partnerships and collaborations in order to expand our product and service portfolio in the international trade markets.


Global Logistics (Ocean, Rail, Road, Barge, Air)
New Market Consulting
International Commodity Sourcing
Facilitation of materials testing & shipment audits
Regulatory Assistance


By keeping end of life products working in a circle, our goal is to help reduce landfill waste, reduce the use of virgin feedstocks, reduce harmful greenhouse gases, help lower end users operating costs, and encourage innovation in industry.

Renewable Energy Feedstocks
Oleochemical Feedstocks


Having a direct relationship with ocean carriers, NVOCC’s, ISO tank owners, flexi-tank operators, dry bulk container carriers, as well as customs and clearing agencies our clients can be confident knowing that keeping cargo moving competitively with little disruption to their supply chain is as important to us as delivering the right product. We can arrange for door to door service from and to anywhere in the world.


Purpose Commodities works with clients on a global basis including USA, Canada, EU, UK, Korea, India, Middle East, Caribbean.


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