Purpose Commodities offer both turnkey and customized solutions to companies looking to procure repurposed, virgin, overstock and off spec products globally. We are specialists at sourcing difficult to find products

When it comes to the renewable energy industries, more and more countries are relying on proof of sustainability along their supply chains. Navigating the changing requirements of sustainable certifications such as the EU’s ISCC, REDCert, California’s LCFS, Canada’s CFS,  SE Asia’s RSPO can be a daunting task. Purpose Commodities can assist companies in attaining certifications; ensuring all trade documents are compliant to international requirements.

Purpose Commodities provides consultancy services to companies looking for innovative and cost competitive solutions for their physical commodities requirements. Our team is open to initiate and establish appealing partnerships and collaborations in order to expand our product and service portfolio in the international trade markets.

International commodity sourcing
Facilitating 3rd party auditing and testing of materials
Regulatory assistance
New market entry strategies
Import/Export Research and Business Development


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